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Meeting Times

Meetings: Service Time


Breaking of Bread            10:30am  

Gospel Meeting               4:00pm

Prayer Meeting                7:30pm

Bible Study                      8:00pm


     (All meetings other than the Breaking of bread are available on Zoom - if you would like details, please contact us via email)

Saturday Teaching and other Meetings: 

More infomation below


Gospel Meetings


We read the word 'gospel' within the New Testament of the bible. The word gospel is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word god-spell meaning 'good story'. This was the translation given to the biblical greek word 'Euaggelion' meaning 'good message' or 'good news'.

Each Sunday we hold a meeting where we share the good news from the bible.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16


Please see below the details concerning the planned Gospel meetings for the year.


January        7th     P Smart, Worcester

January        14th   P Hill, Redditch

January        21st    M Dalton, Coventry

January        28th   TBC

February      4th    A Dalton, Coventry

February      11th    J Maclane, Gloucester

February      18th   P Didcott, Coventry

February      25th   TBC

March          3rd    A Barton, Northfield

March          10th   D Dalton, Coventry

March          17th   G Egginton, Northfield

March          24th   TBC

March          31st    J Dryden

April            7th    A Mullan, Moseley

April            14th   M Lewitt, Cheltenham

April             21st   M Dalton, Coventry

April            28th   P Squires, Wellington

May              5th    A Dalton, Coventry

May             12th   A Barton, Northfield

May             19th   P Didcott, Coventry

May             26th   D Peak, Stoke

June             2nd    D Montgomery, Coventry

June             9th    G Egginton, Northfield

June             16th   D Dalton, Coventry

June             23rd   M Lewitt, Cheltenham

June.            30th   P Hill, Redditch

July               7th    P Singleton, Moseley

July.             14th    TBC

July              21st    P Didcott, Coventry

July              28th   A Mullan, Moseley

August        4th     P Hill, Redditch

August        11th    M Dalton, Coventry

August.       18th    D Peak, Stoke

August        25th    A Dalton, Coventry

September  1st      G Egginton, Northfield

September  8th     M Lewitt, Cheltenham

September  15th    A Barton, Northfield

September  22nd   P Didcott, Coventry

September  29th   TBC

October      6th     D Dalton, Coventry

October      13th.   J Maclane, Gloucester

October      20th   M Dalton, Coventr

October      27th   T Merriman, Tenby

November  10th    P Hill, Redditch

November  17th    G Egginton, Northfield

November  24th   M Lewitt, Cheltenham

December  1st      D Montgomery, Coventry

December  8th     A Barton, Northfield

December  15th    D Peak, Stoke

December  22nd   J Dryden, Broadwas

December  29th    B Merriman, Broadwas

Bible Teaching Meetings


On the last Saturday of each month from September to April excluding December we have a Bible teaching meeting delivered by a visiting speaker. Please feel free to come and join us either in person or virtually on Zoom.

If you require the login details for Zoom, please send an email requesting the details to


30th September 7 pm - R Davies, Llanelli.

28th October    7 pm - K Gibson, Sebastopol 

25th November 7 pm - J Dryden, Broadwas


27th January      7 pm - J Singleton, Four Marks.

28th January     4 pm - J Singleton, Four Marks

24th February    7 pm - M Hall, Chalfont St Peter.

23rd March        7 pm - S Arbuthnot, Glasgow.

24th March       4 pm - S Arbuthnot, Glasgow.

25th March       7:30 pm - S Arbuthnot, Glasgow.

26th March       7:30 pm - S Arbuthnot, Glasgow.

27th April       7 pm - P Squires, Wellington.

14th July           4 pm - P Coulson, Forres

15th July           7:30 pm - P Coulson, Forres

16th July.          7:30 pm - P Coulson, Forres

On the second Saturday in July, we hold our Annual Conference. 

13th July    4pm & 6pm - K Oh, Uxbridge & P Coulson Forres

Teaching Meetings

Other Planned Meetings

17th December   4pm - Carol Service


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